API Browser#

The Antavo Enterprise Loyalty Cloud has an integrated API browser. This is accessible from the following URL


Here, you can directly access the API functionality via a web interface and also see the subsequent API request and corresponding API response. This can be used for generating events within Antavo, testing API signatures, view active customers etc …

There are three options available

  1. Customers – /api-browser/customers

    This interface accesses two endpoints in the Customer Api. The first performs a customer lookup using the Antavo unique ID, a endpoint only accessible using API signing authentication. The customer search returns Antavo customer IDs for the customer matching provided criteria.

  2. Events – /api-browser/events

    An Antavo event can be submitted using the Events Api. Available actions are provided in a dropdown menu. The customer must be manually entered.

  3. Debug – /api-browser/errors

    An error log show every request and its subsequent response which results in an Error within Antavo