Integration concepts#

This document outlines the various integration concepts and how they, individually or jointly, can be used within the Antavo Enterprise Loyalty Cloud (ELC).


Customer relationship management (CRM) uses customer data analysis to improve business relationships with current and potential customers and drive sales growth. They can be the source of truth for customer and sometimes purchase data. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the integrated management of business processes, often in real-time.

Antavo offers out-of-the-box integration with numerous systems including Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Integration support for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, SAP is on our development roadmap. These direct integrations entail synchronizing loyalty data with the CRM or integrating with the ERP system to provide further information or automatize processes between the loyalty program and your infrastructure. These direct integrations require no coding modifications and just require a simple customer-specific configuration. Other systems can access the full power of the Antavo ELC by using the Antavo APIs.

The Antavo Enterprise Loyalty Cloud offers much more than loyalty customer data synchronization. Antavo ELC can take data from CRM to target customers with challenges/offers/rewards/tiers based on customer attributes e.g. age, residency, interests, purchase history. Antavo can also use collected data from various source channels within the program, e.g., Gamified profiles, surveys, recommendations, to enrich, expand and enhance customer profiles within the CRM

Antavo ELC is also flexible. The ELC can be used as a limited Customer Relationship Management software, focusing upon customer loyalty behavior. Antavo can handle the whole customer life-cycle, authenticating and synchronizing customer data to third parties, where necessary. Antavo can also fully function with a wide spectrum of personally identifiable information (PII) from full disclosure of all information to an extremely strict regime where customers are only identified by a unique identifier. Anonymous customer data processing is also possible.

Ecommerce and POS#

Antavo also natively integrates with the most popular Ecommerce systems, including Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Magento Commerce 2 and Shopify. New integrations are being constantly developed and can be prioritized based on project scopes. Antavo also offers integrations with ENCR Aloha systems where purchase data made in brick and mortar stores can be forwarded to Antavo. POS integrations are discussed in greater detail here and there is a list of currently available integrations on the main Antavo website.

The Antavo Enterprise Loyalty Cloud can also be fully accessed via the Antavo API for scenarios when direct integration is not feasible, e.g., bespoke Ecommerce systems, alternative ePOS/POS providers. The possible integration types are explained and expanded in Offline Capabilities documentation.


Antavo ELC is pure play loyalty software, solely focused on providing the best tools to setup, run and maintain your loyalty scheme. We have partnered with industry leading vendors to provide customer communication and marketing tools which enables the automation of nurturing customer relationships, personalized communications and the measurement of campaign effectiveness. Antavo ELC has a number of integrations available out of the box to synchronize customer data to these martech systems, to trigger communications and, in some scenarios, synchronize some segmentation information. You can use the Loyalty Platform to directly connect Antavo ELC to your martech provider; set up these workflows and start running communications related to your loyalty initiatives

Antavo integration with martech tools involves the synchronization of customer loyalty and personalization data as well as Antavo-specific calculated data e.g., churn prediction. Ideally, there is no development effort required to integrate and connect Antavo ELC into your martech system. Antavo as the source of truth Antavo Loyalty Software only acts as the source of truth with customer loyalty data, which is processed, generated and synchronized with the connected external services, on-demand. Antavo should not be confused with a Single Source of Truth.


Antavo constructs an individualistic complete loyalty-scheme customer profile. This loyalty data seamlessly integrates into an omnichannel customer approach that allows Sales Associates to make every customer interaction unique and remarkable across all your stores, whether they be online or real.

Antavo builds a customer profile using data collected from various internal modules. Customers are also encouraged to share more information by various incentive schemes. The collected information regarding customers, personal information and habits is then processed and used in connected systems for personalization.

A customer’s order data can be processed via point-to-point integrations per channel, e.g. direct and separate integration with POS and Ecommerce or via through a centralized integration (middleware) system.

Antavo ELC can accept data in real time or in daily/nightly batch uploads. Customer updates and Coupon/points should be as close as possible to real-time to mitigate the risk of points-related errors and/or fraud. Some non-critical secondary information can also be updated in batch processes.

Any data accumulated in the loyalty program can be sent to a suitable data warehouse solution for centralized storage, safe-keeping and analysis. Antavo has experience working with such systems including Teradata, Amazon Redshift.

The Customer Journey documentation shows how to integrate with Antavo and also identify customers