Customizing Antavo#

Antavo has been designed to be readily customizable and expandable to meet your business needs. The Antavo Enterprise Loyalty Cloud has been carefully designed so that the end-user can readily and easily expand the loyal functionality without coding:

Currently within Antavo, there is:

  • Custom events – An existing factory event can be extended or a new customer actions can be created. Custom events can then be submitted via the Event API and their corresponding triggers can be used within the rule editor.

  • Custom Customer fields - This setting,, Settings ‣ Customer (Backoffice), enables the customer Profile factory action and enables the creation/modification of customer profile fields. These can be used to store any information in the customer object

  • Custom workflows – The functionality of Antavo can be modified using the built-in rule editor by creating event-driven workflows which can modify the behavior of events. This enables the full customization of the Antavo Enterprise Loyalty Cloud

  • Custom entities – All loyalty management features of Antavo are built using entities e.g., rewards, customers, offers, stores. Antavo offers the possibility to expand and fully customize these factory entities and also to create additional new entities, based upon customer requirements. This customization can be done through the Backoffice and via API.