Bulk Operations API#

Antavo’s Bulk Operations API consists of the Bulk Reward Claim API and the Bulk Customer List API endpoints. These APIs offer a comprehensive solution for managing large-scale operations within the Antavo Loyalty Engine.

  • Reward Claim:

    The Bulk Reward Claim API handles bulk operations for distributing rewards to multiple customers.

    It enables you to distribute coupon rewards to a large number of customers.

    The benefit of using the Bulk Reward Claim API over the Reward claim endpoint of the Display API is that it enables the assignment of a reward to a large number of customers in one process.

    Each batch claim request should include customers who should receive one of the coupon rewards configured under the Reward module with a coupon pool assigned. The request may also include custom data that Antavo can forward to an endpoint (callback_url) via a webhook message.

  • Customer List:

    The Bulk Customer List API enables you to efficiently add or remove a group of customers from a customer list.

    This API can be used to synchronise customer segments from CDP, CRM platforms and other customer respositories without the need to synchronise all the data attributes from the source systems to Antavo.

    Each request should include the ID of the Customer List where customers should be added or removed from, and the IDs of the specific cutomers.

In the case of both APIs, following that the batch requests have been submitted, the batches are queued and processed asynchronously one after the other. After the batch has been added to the queue, the /status endpoint provides information about the status of the process, which may be:

  • Queued - the batch has been added to the queue.

  • Processing - the batch is being processed.

  • Done - the batch processing is completed, and the result is available.

The /error endpoint can be used to query the errors that may have occurred during the process. The endpoint provides a paginated list of erroneous reward claim or customer list operation attempts.

This document helps you understand how to work with the endpoints when executing bulk reward claims and bulk customer list operations through the Antavo Loyalty Engine.

The OpenApi yaml file used to generate this documentation can be downloaded here