A generated code which provides a special promotion for the specific customer. Coupons are typically associated with a reward and can be redeemed as part of the transaction lifecycle or as a separate pathway. Coupons can be handled via electronic wallets, e.g., Apple wallet, Google pay. Antavo does not verify the coupon code and requires the POS system to validate the promotion contained with the coupon. Coupon can have various statuses but these are only for informative purposes:

  • Claimed - A coupon has been assigned to particular customer, usually through the claiming of a reward.

  • Redeemed - A coupon has been used. This can be reported as part of the checkout process or as an independent event.

  • Invalid - A coupon is marked as being no longer acceptable.

  • Expired - A specified use-by date on the coupon has been exceeded.


Customer relationship management

Customer Lists#

A grouping which is populated by manually assigning members. Customer lists can also be populated using rules.


Enterprise resource planning


The Antavo in-house currency mechanism for monitoring performance within the Antavo Enterprise Loyalty Cloud. They are typically awarded for purchase-related activities though the loyal program can award and also use points for virtually any interaction.


A mechanism by which usually consists of customer initiated loyalty points exchange in order to receive a specific privilege or perk. Typical rewards consist of a coupon as the end good but other options are available. Rewards can also be awarded point-free and awarded to the customer as part of the loyalty program.


An automated scheme which runs to provide an novel expansion of Antavo core functionality. There are two types of rule schemes: General rules and Campaigns. General rules are intended to run continuously as a customization of the Antavo experience whilst campaigns are designed to provide a short-term modification of loyalty behavior in order to enhance customer engagement. Rules within Antavo are created and modified using the built-in GUI no-code editor.


The total number of points earned by the customer


An automatically dynamically generated grouping which is based upon logic using a customer’s loyalty and personal information.


The number of points spent by the customer


Total Cost of Ownership

Tier Downgrade#

A customer’s loyalty performance has dropped below the threshold of the current tier in the tier structure and this results in the customer’s tier being lower to a lower level. This can be manually instigated.

Tier Expiration#

The lifetime of a customer’s tier can be configured to be based upon their loyalty performance. A customer’s tier will expire if the customer does not reach the tier threshold within a time window, by engaging with the loyalty program. Tier expiration results in the customer either being demoted to the previous tier or being demoted to the tier based upon their loyalty performance. This tier expiration can be calculated based on a fixed time after the member joined the tier (rolling) or on a fixed date (calendar).

Tier status points#

These are the internal status points which are used to calculate and maintain a customers’ tier.

Tier Upgrade#

A customer has reached the threshold of the next tier in the tier structure and is promoted to the next level. This can be manually instigated.


Customers can be grouped together according to their performance in the loyalty schemes and these groups can be granted special privileges within the Antavo Enterprise Loyalty Cloud. Tiers are structured to provide a stepwise customer journey with increasing engagement with the loyalty program. Tiers can be configured to be automatically populated based upon the customers points or total purchase. Members join/leave a tier after reaching a predetermined threshold. Tiers can also be manually assigned. Multiple tiers are possible in a loyalty scheme.