Offers API#

Offers are key to attract new customers and to maintain the pre existing member base. Offers can be used to surface new products and services, change customer behavior by creating upsell and cross-sell opportunities and encourage customers to try new goods when they are browsing a catalog.

Antavo provides an Offer Management system to manage various different promotions and offers throughout in-store, online and mobile channels. Members-only specific offers as well as general offers are also possible.

This document helps you understand how to work with the Offer Management when implementing this piece in the Point of Sale or E-Commerce system.

Offers v. Rewards#

There is a subtle difference between the ways in which offers and rewards work within the Antavo Enterprise Loyalty Cloud. Offers are primarily pre-purchase incentives which can be tailored to draw new customers or reinvigorate a pre-existing loyalty customer base. Rewards are post-purchase / purchase-independent events where the loyalty scheme member receives extra benefits following their purchase.

Both systems can:

  • target specific customer segments

  • have time restrictions

  • be tier-specific

The two systems are complementary as they have some overlapping features, to ensure complete promotional coverage.

All server to server calls should follow the API security protocol and signing procedure and be aware of the API rate limits.

The OpenApi yaml file used to generate this documentation can be downloaded here