Customer API#

These APIs primarily probe active customers within Antavo but inactive customers can be included by enabling the option in the Antavo Backoffice. This functionality is located in customer settings in the settings tab. The settings can also be found at the following locations.

Endpoints using a {customer_id} can also be accessed using external_IDs, by replacing {customer_id} with the appropriate {external_field:external_customer_id}. This step requires the external_field to be tagged as external_id in the Antavo backoffice.

The /customers/{customer_id} endpoint only works using the signing procedure and thus the second interactive endpoint, whilst being correct, will not work.

All Customer API requests should be made with a signed API. In order to be compliant with GDPR standards, any searches for opted out customers will results in an empty search criteria as the Antavo Enterprise Loyalty Cloud does not retain any customer identifiers upon un-enrollment. All server to server calls should follow the API security protocol and signing procedure and be aware of the API rate limits.

The OpenApi yaml file used to generate this documentation can be downloaded here