Custom E-Commerce Solutions#

Setting up custom domains#

The Antavo Loyalty Engine uses cookies for many of its functions. The Loyalty Hub thus needs to be running on the same top domain as your webstore in order for the engine to able read and write cookies.

Antavo strongly recommend the use of HTTPS. This will require uploading the SSL certificate via SFTP with provided credentials.

Modifying domain DNS records#

Setting up a custom subdomain for your program, like is usually done in conjunction your DNS provider, typically the place where the domain for your website was registered.

The first step is is to set up a CNAME record which points to

This is done by configuring the DNS as follows: 1800 CNAME <region>

where region corresponds to the region where loyalty program is hosted. This can usually be done in the administration panel of your DNS provider. If this is not available, then connect the provider directly with above settings.

These settings need some time (up to 24 hours) to propagate across the internet. The result can be verified by opening the desired address in your web browser. A correct configuration should result in the Antavo’s default 404 page.

Uploading SSL certificate#

For advanced security, Antavo strongly recommends purchasing an SSL certificate for your site as this certificate is needed to serve your Loyalty Hub via secure HTTPS. Once purchased, the private key, the intermediate certifications and the cert file have to be uploaded to our secure server via SFTP. Do not send these files in email or in chat as confidentiality can not be guaranteed if not using the secure server.

Frontend SDKs#

Antavo has created SDK that help in implementing your loyalty program. These SDKs contain ready-made methods that you can use for the features you’re implementing.

Learn more about Antavo SDKs here.

Antavo APIs#

Communication between the web stores backend and the Antavo APIs is a necessity. Communication with Antavo APIs uses a RESTful approach with customer actions, known as events withing the Antavo ecosystem. Every submitted events has to be associated with a valid customer, via its unique id. Customer events mark every step that customers take in your loyalty program through their life-cycle, from enrolling into the program, to making purchases, engaging with the loyalty program and un-enrollment.

The APIs have detailed and interactive documentation listed here

Customer journey#

Details of the customer journey can be found here.