The Antavo developer documentation#

Understand the overall ethos and philosophy of working the Antavo Enterprise Loyalty Cloud and APIs.

Working with Events

Explore how events underpin every customer action in Antavo

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Handling customers

See the potential and possibilities of customers

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Transaction lifecycle

Understand the whole Antavo transaction lifecycle from an API perspective

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See how Rewards can be created, customised and claimed.

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Learn about the Antavo APIs

The Events API

See how customer data can be submitted into Antavo

The Display API

Create your own customer-specific interface using these APIs.


Extend factory entities and build your own Loyalty entities

and much more

Customers, Coupons, Offers, …

Learn from the best – Tutorials and guides showing you how to get the best out of Antavo

API signing

Understand and use Antavo API signing to ensure secure data transfers


Integrate Antavo with your pre-existing IT solutions

Advanced templating

Learn the advance workflow techniques using volt to master your workflows